Covid19 Information

For Adagio, the health and well-being of our clients and staff is our priority and we have taken a series of measures with disinfection, cleaning, hygiene and distancing protocols in order to guarantee the safety of our clients and that of all our personnel. These measures follow the recommendations of the health authorities, and the ICTE, (INSTITUTO PARA LA QUALIDAD ESPAÑOLA).

Preventive cleaning and safety measures:

Adagio works with standards of cleanliness and hygiene having reviewed our processes, expanding frequency and disinfection measures, covering the new current health and safety circumstances.

These processes are applied throughout the establishment to guarantee our clients a safe stay.

Having been certified by the occupational risk company by themselves and by a specialized external company for our protocols and methods, as well as certificates from our suppliers for the products used.

Below, we explain them for your knowledge and peace of mind.

In the rooms:

• We wash bedding and towels in laundries certified in quality control and hygiene.

• During the cleaning of your room, we remove the dirty clothes in a sealed bag without coming into contact with the clean clothes.

• We disinfect surfaces, furniture and all the elements of the room and the sink with highly disinfected (virucidal) approved products, with the maximum guarantee for your health.

• Disposable single-use items are used for daily cleaning of the room.

• We reinforce the cleaning protocol with special attention to elements with a high level of contact: telephone, knobs, taps, etc.

• We put the television remote control in the room in a sealed and disinfected bag.

• Ventilation during the cleaning process of the rooms.

• We eliminate all kinds of paper information in the rooms. At reception they can provide you with all the information you need.

• Cleaning of the rooms will only be carried out to customers who request it, thus being able to refuse the cleaning service during their entire stay or on the days they consider.

• Cleaning the departure room with Ozone.

Controlled supervision in the application of said measures correctly.

At reception:

• We carry out continuous sanitation of the elements, devices, surfaces and furniture that may be in contact with our customers.

• We disinfect room opening cards to deliver them in complete safety.

• We have individual protection elements for our clients:

- Hygiene gel

- Masks

- Disposable gloves

• Security elements and physical distance:

-Disinfecting mat in access to the hotel.

- Individualized temperature control every time the client accesses the hotel.

- Acrylic screen on the counter

- Distance marks between clients and reception staff

- Key collection box that prevents contact between people

Emphasize to the client the possibility of making the online pre-check-in in order to speed up and not wait on arrival at the hotel.

In Restaurant, Bar and Hall:

• Breakfast: We will NOT have the breakfast service until we can guarantee the health and hygiene of our clients in complete safety.

• Continuous cleaning of surfaces and furniture that may be in contact with our customers in common areas.

• The use of stairs is recommended. In case of using a lift, the maximum occupancy will be 1 person, except members of the same family unit using face masks.

• We rearranged the furniture in the common areas of the hotel to keep the recommended physical distances.

• We include a hydrogel dispenser in the sinks in the common areas.

• We include disinfectant gel on each of the hotel's floors.

Our staff:

• HYGIENE: Hand hygiene is considered one of the most effective measures to prevent the spread of germs and prevent COVID-19 infection. Both employees and customers should perform frequent hand washing with soap and water.

• PREVENTION: Our staff at the hotel has undergone a Covid-19 test and each day upon arrival it undergoes temperature controls. And they use protection elements. (The cleaning team also wears protective gowns)

• TRAINING: All our employees have received specific training in hygiene and safety against the covid-19 certified by:

We advise:

• We recommend the use of masks in common areas and when leaving the hotel

• Cover your mouth when you cough or sneeze with your elbow.

• Respect the physical distance measures incorporated in the hotel by means of exceptional signage, protection partitions and furniture reorganization.

· Wash your hands frequently